SNL and Politics

September 19, 2012-


Last Wednesday, Tigers Against Partisan Politics (TAPP) hosted a presentation on Saturday Night Live and Politics lead by political science professor Bill Horner. The event, hosted in conjunction with various groups such as the Honors College, served as an entertaining look at the relationship between the legendary sketch comedy series and the American political landscape.
During the talk, Professor Horner provided an engaging look at the influence of Saturday Night Live on the reality of politics over the last thirty-plus years.
“I am working on the political impact of Saturday Night Live and my feeling is that it’s something we ought to take seriously- it’s been on a long time and I think it has real, measurable effect on a lot of political races,” said Professor Horner when explaining his talk and the importance that Saturday Night Live has come to have on politics.
Different instances where SNL has impacted the American political atmosphere, such as in the case of the 2008 presidential election, were highlighted and explained by Professor Horner. He also included anecdotes about his experiences talking with SNL members Dan Aykroyd and Lorne Michaels while working on his book on the subject.
Overall, the event held in Memorial Union was very well attended, with a full room of students appearing very engaged by Professor Horner’s presentation. When asked afterwards about his expectations prior to the event, TAPP President Trey Sprick was very pleased with the talk and stated that “I think it went really well, we got a good idea of how satire can have an effect on political campaigns.”