Softball Splits Games in California

Sunday, Feb. 26 –

It seemed like everything was against Mizzou pitcher Kristin Nottelmann as the softball team played against Northwestern in sunny California.

During the first game of the day, Northwestern’s Marisa Bast hit a home run during the first inning, scoring three for the wildcats. Mizzou quickly got the rest of the outs, but the damage had already been done.

At the top of the second inning, Northwestern continued to rock Nottelmann with Anna Edwards smashing another home run off the Mizzou pitcher. Then, during the third inning, due to a throwing error by Corrin Genovese, Northwestern scored another run. Before the inning was over, Mari Majam would steal home base on a hit before Mizzou would finally get the third out.

Now trailing by seven, Mizzou failed to earn any runs for almost the entire game. The only thing standing between a shut out game was Genovese running home on a double play that took out Fleming and Roth for Mizzou. Northwestern continued on for the rest of the game to completely overpower Nottelmann and earned a solid victory.

This was not the case, however, for Mizzou during the final game of the Cathedral City Classic. This time, it was Chelsea Thomas who led the Tigers against the UCLA Bruins.

Despite a home run that was hit by UCLA’s B.B. Bates, gaining three runs for the Bruins, Nicole Hudson answered with a hit to right field that scored in Ashley Fleming and Corrin Genovese in the bottom of the first inning. During the second inning, the Tigers gained another run with a fielding error by Samantha Carmuso. Mizzou then got a free run from UCLA walking in Jenna Marston. At the end of the inning, Hudson grounded a single to first, to which she got thrown out, but not before Genovese gained the third run for the inning.

With Mizzou now edging UCLA by two, the Tigers would continue to stay ahead of the Bruins for the rest of the game. UCLA would only score twice more in the fifth inning, with Bates hitting a home run off of Thomas, then Camuso scoring on a tag back when Talee Snow hit a pop fly out to center field. Mizzou leaves California with a 3-2 record.

– Blair Ussary
23 Sports
Staff Writer