By Kahleah Gaither

The current school year is flying by for many students, but for others, classes are starting to get more difficult as the holidays quickly approach. It is easy to relate to getting in the dumps knowing that the holiday breaks are coming up. However, it is important for colleges and universities to hold fun events for the students to enjoy themselves while still attending college. And that is exactly what Mizzou did at the annual Spooktacular event held at the MU Student Center.

Spooktacular is a long-lasting tradition on campus and is a Halloween favorite for many. This event was a great opportunity to get out of the dorms and explore the haunting and entertaining activities Spooktacular had to offer The event, which was organized by the Campus Activities Programming Board, was held on Thursday, October 28 from 7:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. 

There was no shortage of activities for students to take part in, whether it be carving pumpkins, going through a spine-chilling haunted house, dressing up in your favorite costume, or even enjoying free pizza with friends. The event also featured a claw machine, a selfie booth, tarot card readers, and some spooky competitive games.

Caroline Faynfaber, the executive director of the Campus Activities Programming Board, stated, “Our big events like this always have a pull like this in the community, outside just the students. I feel like, you know, we do not have the total numbers for the end of the night, but I am pretty happy with all of the people who are here, and we definitely did not know what to expect, kind of having this event back for the first time since COVID, and kind of changing things up so that we could keep things a little more sanitary. But I feel very happy just seeing all of the people coming out tonight.”

This year’s Spooktacular had a big turnout, not just from MU students, but from the larger Columbia community as well. Different precautions were taken at the event to make sure everything was safe, such as wiping down the props for the selfie booth before each use.

Nicole Davis, who attended Spooktacular, said her favorite activity at  Spooktacular was carving pumpkins. “I just like seeing people do pumpkin carving.”

After hearing from employees running the event and guests who were in attendance, Spooktacular seemed to be an exciting event that may bring more guests in the following years. 

Edited by Ryan Cohen