STRIPES Turns 13

STRIPES Turns 13

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Nissi Kunjummen – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

Last Thursday, STRIPES was celebrating their 13th birthday as an organization, by passing out
cupcakes in the Student Center.

STRIPES’ actual birthday is Oct. 4th, but in order to include the student body, MSA chose to
celebrate during the week.

Back in 2001, MSA students were inspired by Texas A&M’s safe ride home program called
Carpool. STRIPES Executive Director Megan Cahill commented on how the program was

“They traveled down there, saw what the programs about, and decided it was something they
wanted to implement at Mizzou. It’s only been improving ever since,” Cahill said.

STRIPES currently has 7 cars running on Thursdays and 13 cars running on Friday and
Saturday. With about 250 volunteers, the group is looking to expand in both cars and members.
They will be accepting online applications for membership starting Oct. 13 through Nov. 2.
The purpose of the event on Thursday was to thank students for their funding and for utilizing
their service to provide a safe environment on campus. STRIPES was also advertising their new
Give Direct campaign.

“The Give Direct Campaign is a way for us to raise more money so that we can in the future
provide more cars which means we can give students more rides home,” said Cahill.

To donate and find out more information, visit the STRIPES website.
Currently Mizzou is one of only 12 other schools in the nation with official safe ride programs.
MSA students are working with other schools and programs to bring this number up so we can
protect not only Mizzou students, but college students as a whole.

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