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The vast majority of students who contracted the mumps virus are no longer contagious, according to the Student Health Center’s website.

Since the start of the semester, there have been 193 confirmed or probable mumps cases. In approximately 88 percent of those cases, the student is no longer contagious and can head back to class.

Dr. Susan Even, executive director of the Student Health Center, said the mumps virus exhibits very mild symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • having a fever, congestion or even a sore throat
  • possessing swollen glands around the ear and below the jaw
  • expressing a soreness when opening or closing the jaw

“The best protection is just really frequently washing your hands [and] not sharing food or drinks because the mumps virus is spread in saliva,” Even said.

Even also recommends receiving a third Measles/Mumps/Rubella shot to reduce the likelihood of catching this disease.

The Student Health Center is located at 1020 Hitt St.

The Student Health Center is located at 1020 Hitt St.

This outbreak has some students concerned about their well-being as they prepare for their finals.

Jaylah Riley said she hadn’t told her parents about the mumps outbreak

“I don’t want them calling me and freaking out and wanting me to come home,” Riley said.

You can call the Student Health Center and schedule an appoint if you think you show signs of having the mumps.

For more information pertaining to the mumps, go to the Student Health Center’s website.

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