Students Break Down House Decs in Greek Town

Pat Moody – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

As the Homecoming weekend winds down, a walk through Greek Town will show the clean-up process of taking down the floats and house decorations put up by the fraternities and sororities.

Months of pomping and planning have yielded colorful boards and floats that will be taken down in a matter of hours.

“Breaking down the floats is… bittersweet I guess. We put a lot of work into it in the past couple of months, so taking it down takes a while as well,” student Jake Wyatt said.

While some see the experience as somewhat sad, others enjoy the process of deconstructing the decorations.

“We put a lot of work into this and it feels good to take it down,” student Andrew Fox said. “It feels good to see the final result.”

Thus, it marks the end of the pomping season for this year. Most of the material used to build the floats and decorations can be used again for other projects or recycled so as to not waste them.

“We’re trying to do something productive with it because we use wood all the time for different things,” Wyatt said.

“We’ll keep some of the signs we made, and the boards just ‘cause it feels good to see the end result for that too,” Fox said.

With another Homecoming completed and more floats put to rest, that is at least until the time comes again next year.

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