Students Enjoy Crafternoon at the Craft Studio

Students Enjoy Crafternoon at the Craft Studio


Lauren Petterson – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

Fun and free crafts brought friends together on Friday, Sept. 19 at the Craft Studio in the basement of Memorial Union.

Students were able to create their own coasters by using mod podge, scrapbooking materials, and photo clippings on tiles with felt on the bottom of them.

Students contributed their own creative flare to their projects by adding personal touches and sometimes, a bit of humor to their creations.

A long time Crafternoon goer, Janna White, created two coasters, one of which had small hearts on it, and another that exemplified her sense of humor. The coaster had a painting of a woman with a particularly judgmental look on her face. White described her creation as having “laser eyes.”

The environment at the Craft Studio was very welcoming to all. With pop music playing in the background and a friendly vibe from strangers and acquaintances alike, it was impossible for crafters to leave the event without a smile on their face.

As different groups of friends came and went, students were constantly conversing with each other, whether they were making plans for the weekend, or complimenting each others’ creations. What seemed apparent from each individual’s coaster was that there was no wrong way to make it; even if there were small flaws, they were unique and made the craft even more special.

Students who participated in the Crafternoon overwhelmingly recommended that other students become involved in future events at the Craft Studio.

“It’s a really fun […] gateway, because then you see what the Craft Studio’s like.” said White to future Crafternoon goers.

Caitlyn Bednarek, another avid crafter believes that the adage, “the more the merrier” is true when it comes to spending an afternoon at the Craft Studio.

“Bring friends and just have fun with it, because even if you mess up, it’s still fun.” said Bednarek.

There is a free Crafternoon each Friday from noon to 4. Upcoming crafts include, Tie-Dye, Mini Notebooks and Mini Weavings.


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