By Veronica Mohesky, 23News Reporter

MU students thanked local veterans in the MU Student Center on Thursday, Nov. 9.

Students were invited to write thank-you cards for veterans. A variety of colorful paper, stickers and utensils were provided to create these cards.

Campus Activities sponsored the event. All the cards will be sent to the Truman Veterans’ Hospital.

“We hear back from the veterans and they really do appreciate these cards,” said Campus Activities intern Jerome Young. “These cards mean a lot to them. It’s not just a pen and paper to them, you know, it symbolizes more than that.”

“I was very happy to make a card for veterans around this area,” said Paxton Jobe, MU student. “I think it’s a very important thing to do, for them to know they’re appreciated.”

four students creating cards at tables in the MU Student Center

The cards will be given to veterans at the Truman Veteran’s Hospital.

Jobe is one of many students to have a personal connection to a soldier or veteran. Her fiance is currently serving in the Navy. After creating a thank-you card she said, “I think of him and I think of how I want people to treat him when whenever he gets out.”

Young also has a personal connection, “I have a cousin who unfortunately passed in the Army,” said Young. “So definitely when it comes to these thank-you cards, I want these troops to know that, at the end of the day, we appreciate what they do and I especially appreciate what they do”.

MU student Z Elizalde has three family members who are veterans, including her father. She said she wants people to understand “there are people going out and putting their lives on the line, not because they have some like overarching maniacal goal but because they want to serve our country.”

“They just do so much, it just makes sure that we’re giving them the recognition they deserve,” Young said.

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