Studies Reveal Dangers of Halloween Costumes

Claire Schwark- MUTV 23 News

COLUMBIA- Recent studies according to CNN affiliate KYVK, have shown that bacteria found in Halloween masks should give consumers a whole new fear this Halloween.

Masks at Halloween stores are tried on by hundreds of customers who touch, breathe, and sweat in them before they are finally purchased.  The results of recent studies have found some disturbing results.  Every mask contained large amounts of living bacteria.  Some were even found to have mold and fungus.

Dr. Stan Kikkert, a researcher in the biotechnology program at Mesa Community College conducted the research along with KYVK.  They swabbed the nose and mouth areas of different masks from four local Halloween stores.  Dr. Kikkert then examined the samples and was surprised by the number and diversity of the bacteria.

“The main danger is the potential of acquiring a skin infection,” Dr. Kikkert said.  After examining a particularly bacteria filled mask, he said he would be more inclined to purchase a mask that did not cover the nose or mouth regions.  However, he did provide a solution for ridding the masks of germs and bacteria.

“There is one way to kill the germs,” Dr. Kikkert said. “Simply soak the masks in rubbing alcohol.”

This study has given customers something to be mindful of this Halloween.

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