Summertime Sadness: What To Do When You Are Missing Mizzou

By: Morgan Kopitsky, Twitter: @morgankopitsky

Only one week stands between a campus full of students and the long-awaited summer. With the stress of finals finally behind them, they can look forward to whatever excited plans are to come. However, after reconnecting with friends and family, getting back to work at a summer job, or even taking a trip, students are bound to start missing the country’s best college (I may have a personal bias). But whether this is your first summer away from Mizzou or this is your last week here, these tips will help you stay connected with your inner Tiger while you are away from school.

1. Stay in touch.

Technology and social media are powerful tools that make the world a lot smaller. Keep in touch with all your college friends, not just your roommates and significant others. Start GroupMe’s with people in your organizations, add friends on Snapchat, and even follow Mizzou on social media. Most of the best memories made in college start from the interactions you have with others. Maintaining those connections when you are away from campus help create even more great memories and build anticipation to return in the fall. Or if you are not returning in the fall, this will help you become an active member of Mizzou’s Alumni Network.

2. Stick with the SEC.

“Fight, Tiger, fight for old Mizzou, Right behind you everyone is with you,” even in the off-season. While football and basketball may be the most popular sports, Mizzou athletics continue into the summer months including baseball, softball, track, and golf. Each of these teams have social media pages and some events are covered by the SEC Network. Also, if you live close enough to campus, you could go with some friends to a game or meet.

3. Show your stripes.

Every Mizzou student has some black and gold gear in their closest. The summer is a great time to break it out. Whether you wear your favorite t-shirt while your are out, a pair of free Mizzou sunglasses by the pool, or a black and gold tie to your job, paying tribute to your Alma Mater will bring back fond memories. Plus, you may get recognized by another Tiger who can talk to you about how much they are missing school as well.

In the short term, trading in your finals for all your wonderful summer plans probably sounds great. And while, you may have a terrific time, the thoughts of your friends, organizations, activities, and maybe even Brother Jed will find their way into your mind. For many of you, these tips will hold you over until the fall. But if not, remember that even when you leave Mizzou, Mizzou will never leave you.