By Noah McGee, E23 Reporter

Every year at Super Bowl parties, I find myself surrounded by people who see the commercials as just as big of an event as the game itself. The Super Bowl commercials are a highly anticipated aspect of the spectacle, attracting many viewers. If the commercials are not entertaining or relaying an important message, the Super Bowl loses viewers. With this pressure on companies to impress and entertain viewers, there is no room for failure, and as seen in the past, Super Bowl commercials are hit-or-miss.

This year, companies during the Super Bowl hired athletes, actors and entertainers for many of the commercials. Will the popularity of the celebrities affect the success of the advertisements or just give off the impression that they are trying too hard to make the commercials stick with viewers?

Out of the commercials released so far, there is a good mixture of light-hearted, funny commercials and ads that relay important messages about social issues. There is also a good amount of rookies in the Super Bowl ad playing field, including companies like LG, Amazon and Will these commercials stand out in a playing field of veterans? Some of these rookies have done a great job of doing that, but others blended in with the rest of the crowd.

Newcomer Colgate did a great job with its commercial by doing one on how people leave the water on while brushing their teeth and that wastes water for third world countries. Another example would be Marmot with its short but hilarious teaser of a beaver releasing itself off a mountain while standing next to a man. Advertisements like these stick with people while other rookies are going to give younger viewers some nostalgia. With Pokémon celebrating its 20-year anniversary it will bring back memories to viewers who remember playing the game on their Game Boys or watching the following television and movie series.

What about the veterans in the game who have done this for years, making the viewers laugh, cry and think? Newcomers have made a run, but veterans keep the commercial crown. Many Super Bowl regular advertisers have returned with more, including Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Doritos. All of the returning companies had strong teasers and commercials that will keep people looking forward to the full commercials and searching for the ones that have already been released. However, the one that is going to grab the laughter from us all is Doritos.

Doritos has a history for always releasing some of the funniest and memorable commercials we have seen in Super Bowl commercial history. The teaser for the commercial this year does not disappoint. Honda’s commercial on its new Ridgeline will also bring a lot of laughs out of people. Singing and talking animals is always something that keeps people entertained

This year’s Super Bowl will provide some good entertainment for the viewers who are not huge football fans. For a sneak peak at the upcoming commercials for the big game, go to