By Brooke Knappenberger, E23 Reporter

Sadly, Milan Fashion Week has ended, but some seriously cool fashion moments came out of it. Designers carried on some of the major trends from New York Fashion Week like ‘80s maximalism (think bold shoulders and bright prints) and neon colors, but new trends appeared as well such as waist-cinching belts and oversized bags. During NYFW, designers showcased power suits and bold shoulders that exemplified femininity. However, at Milan Fashion Week, designers reinvented the idea of the modern woman with new silhouettes and fresh takes on decades-old trends.

Drawing from the past, Jeremy Scott produced a collection for Moschino entirely inspired by Jackie Kennedy’s style and conspiracy theories revolving around the Kennedys. The conspiracy theory that JFK told Marilyn Monroe that aliens were real led Scott to his own conspiracy theory: Jackie Kennedy was an alien herself. This probably explains why some models were painted head-to-toe in green, yellow and blue. The collection was a modern take on ‘60s-era women, featuring neon matching skirt and jacket combos, bright fur coats and pop art printed sheath dresses. The last 15 looks of the show were spectacular combinations of Jackie and Marilyn’s styles: silky gowns, half bedecked in crystals with shoulder cutouts. The collection overall showed Scott’s out-there personality while putting a modern spin on classic fashion.

Two models, one in green paint and another in blue, strut down the walkway.

An example of the “alien” looks from Scott’s Milan Fashion Week show.

Multiple designers also turned to the ‘70s for inspiration. Across many collections, there was a rush of mustard yellow and many shades of brown on bohemian dresses. Some designers gave the trend a modern twist by incorporating the ‘70s tones into contemporary pieces. For instance, Tod’s had Bella Hadid walking down the runway in a tan teddy bear coat, orange fanny pack and a brown patent skirt.

Donatella Versace’s new collection yet again reaffirms the major trends of NYFW, but it was also so much more. There was a slew of reimagined classics like a patent trench coat and neon blazers. However, the creative pieces are what really made the collection incredible, refreshing and easily my favorite show so far. A Versace logo t-shirt was paired with a corset, wide belt and a ballgown skirt for a glamorous, yet somehow still casual, look. The neon color palette was flawlessly pulled off in a variety of skirts, coats and dresses. What really stuck out to me was that many of the models wore matching headscarves and berets. This simple trend sends a message of inclusivity to girls and women everywhere that choose to wear more modest fashion. The pieces were paired beautifully too, especially with the long blue and red gowns. I stand behind fashion that makes a statement, so I’m in love with Versace’s new collection.

Two models wear red and blue head scarves and gowns.

Red and blue gowns were accessorized with matching headscarves at the Versace Fall/Winter ‘18 show.

Lastly, Gucci has easily been one of the most talked about shows of the week and not all for good reasons. Gucci made quite the statement with a baby model dragon, two reptiles and several severed heads as accessories. Several models had David Bowie haircuts and there was even a model with a painted third-eye. The show was set in creepy medical units complete with fluorescent lighting and surgical beds. There were some glamorous pieces, but overall, the show was just weird. The brand has been getting some backlash on Twitter for having white models wearing turbans, and Gucci has yet to make an official comment on the issue. Many Twitter users said the outfits were examples of cultural appropriation and said the brand should hire more racially diverse models, especially to wear the turbans.

A white male model wears a turban at Milan Fashion Week.

Gucci sent several white models down the runway wearing turbans, sparking backlash with Twitter users saying it was cultural appropriation.

Milan Fashion Week proved to be another week filled with new trends and incredible moments. I’ll definitely be talking about the Versace and Gucci shows until the next season. Last on the month-long run of fashion shows is Paris Fashion Week, which began Tuesday, Feb. 27 and will end on Tuesday, March 6. With huge names like Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton coming up, the week is sure to have more big moments in fashion.

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