The Big Apple, Love, and Oldies– Taylor Swift’s “1989”

By: Madison Stanze, E23 Reporter

The queen of love, heartbreak, and revenge has just released her newest album. Taylor Swift debuted “1989” on Oct. 27, and fans across the nation rushed into stores and logged onto iTunes to grab their copy.

Swift has slowly transitioned from country to sheer pop through her last few albums- beginning with “Speak Now” and roaring throughout “Red.” “1989” is 100% pop without a hint of twang. The album was influenced by music from the 80’s, especially 1989- the year Swift was born. Swift recently moved to New York City, and reflects on her experiences with the city in the album.

Taylor Swift describes her outlook on change in the foreword to “1989” as, “The debate over whether people can change is an interesting one for me to observe because it seems like all I ever do is change.”

Swift has been promoting her album on television shows such as “Ellen” and “David Letterman”, where she joked with the hosts and performed a few songs. She also revealed that she had several secret parties with her fans to preview the album. The lucky guests were invited into Taylor’s homes and apartments, where she provided dinner and played the new music for them in her living room. Despite the secret sessions, none of the songs from the album were leaked to the public before the drop date.

Mallory Schoeppach, a dedicated fan and freshman at Mizzou, is excited about this new chapter in Taylor’s career.

“I love her pop sound now. I feel like she has been preparing us for this transition… so now her fans were ready for it and there’s no reason not to love it,” said Schoeppach.

Although the style of music changed, it’s clear that Taylor Swift is as gutsy as ever in calling out ex-boyfriends and telling stories through her songs. One Direction singer Harry Styles is rumored to have been the inspiration for a few of the album’s songs, including “Style,” a fast-paced song about a cheating partner. Swift also shows that she’s not oblivious to the gossip that she’s had too many relationships. In her song, “Blank Spaces,” she seems to own up to her relationships- singing “Got a long list of ex-lovers/They’ll tell you I’m insane/Cause you know I love the players/And you love the game.”

“One thing definitely hasn’t changed though…she’s just as catchy, clever, and talented as she is in her past albums,” says Danielle Katz, a freshman who has been enjoying the latest album.

Target, through a partnership with Taylor Swift, offers an exclusive version of the album that includes three bonus songs and three audio recordings from Taylor’s early production process. All of the hardcopy albums also include a set of polaroids of Swift, while the digital album sold on iTunes comes with a digital booklet of the same pictures. Sales have been sky-rocketing, and “1989: is expected to hit the one million mark within a week. This would make Swift the only artist to ever have hit one million in sales within a week for three albums. The past two albums, Red and Speak Now, achieved the feat.