The Bridge Hosts the Short Women’s Play Festival

The Independent Actors Theatre hosted the fifth annual Short Women’s Play Festival at The Bridge on March 14.

The event held a series of short plays that were solely written, directed, and performed by Columbia locals.

Camilla Maxwell wrote the first play titled “Shirley vs. the Squirrels.” Gina Fernia wrote “Once Upon a Valentine” and “The Last Love Song on Earth.” Both the lengthy titled play “The Linguistics of Loving Your Spouse on Saturdays, or Silent on Saturdays, or Perhaps” as well as “Nom, Nom, Nom or Hungry, Hungry, Hamsters” are by Amanda Newman. Lastly, Yvette Nolan’s play titled “Ham and the Ram” finished off the evening.

The Bridge provided viewers with a relaxed atmosphere where they could enjoy the plays and drinks while sitting around a table with friends. Out of the approximately forty people who attended the event, some were very interested in theatre, some were friends of the cast, and some received credit for Mizzou theatre courses.

-Amber Smith


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