The Cape Guys

Noelle Kirkman – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

Over the past few months, a handful of students have been noticed around campus in capes, creating mystery among their peers.

They’re seen eating in The Mark on 5th, they’re seen in classes, they’ve even been spotted by a few people touring MU. Many people wonder who the men in black capes are. Are they a part of the Quidditch team? Is there an actual motive to wearing the capes?

Nykolus Luck and Van Priatna are two out of four MU students seen wearing the black capes around campus. Luck started wearing his cape on Oct. 1, in celebration of Halloween. Luck convinced Priatna and two other of his friends to wear it with him and they liked it so much, they continue to wear them consistently.

“I wear them everywhere all day,” said Luck. “In the dining halls, every morning for my 9 AM and my classes like that.”

Luck can be seen at all times wearing the cape while Priatna prefers to only wear his cape in the company of Luck.

“I just wear mine with Nick. I can’t be seen walking alone with the cape, it’s kind of weird,” said Priatna.

Wearing the capes causes a lot of different reactions from others. Reactions range from surprised to scared to pure awe.

Luck has made surprise appearances in tour groups and has even been mistaken for a ninja by a child. He also believes his 9 AM teacher is scared of him, as she never calls on him in class.

“I get a lot of smiles and I like to see that. I get a lot of thumbs up,” said Luck. “I get everything from ‘what are you doing’ to ‘that’s awesome.’ Older people and younger people have the same reactions.”

Priatna has been given an official title of “the cape guy.”

“I did go alone once and I had guys say, ‘are you the cape guy?’ I’m like there’s like three of us man. But sure I’m the cape guy,” said Priatna.

No matter the reaction they receive, the “cape guys” are just happy to be doing what they do: being themselves.