By Shoshana Dubnow and Isabel Lohman

College is a time of self-discovery and growth, but after four years at MU there’s one thing students probably want—a job.

That’s where the Career Center comes in. The center exists to empower “students to engage in lifelong career development by encouraging purposeful experiences, personal reflection and exploration of career information,” according to their website. In order to do this, they provide one-on-one counseling, mock interviews and resources to help make students’ resumes the best they can be. Mariah Brannan, a student supervisor at the Career Center, said the center offers different assessments that help students realize what they bring to the table. Once those strengths are identified, students are able to assess what types of career opportunities they may be looking for.

In addition to providing help with cultivating one’s career, the Career Center also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during stressful periods. This is important to the Career Center because most of the student workers are students first. Carrie Collier, the Career Center’s senior student service coordinator, makes sure that she and her staff talk about both personal and professional development.  Through mindfulness activities, Collier provides an opportunity for workers at the Career Center to recenter themselves.

“A lot of things we stress are just basic things. Like, don’t forget to eat, don’t forget to sleep…because if you are not doing those things you are not going to do very well,” Collier said.

Brannan, a photojournalism senior, credits a trial and error method to finding balance within her academic life. While she is involved in multiple organizations, she emphasizes the importance of finding what matters most to you.

“Sometimes in college, we feel the need to make everything, like absolutely necessary, like right now and that’s not necessarily true,” Brannan said.

In addition to the Career Center, MU also has other resources to help students with both their classes and job pursuits:

  • Truman’s Closet lets students borrow professional business attire free of charge.
  • The website lists job openings.
  • Your adviser can help you schedule classes and connect you to resources on campus.

The Career Center is in the lower level of the Student Success Center. They allow walk-ins at any time from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you want more in-depth career help, you can schedule a career counseling appointment with a career counselor.

Correction: An earlier version of this article misspelled Mariah Brannan’s last name. It’s Brannan not Brennan. 

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