‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: ‘Caught’

Tuesday, Feb. 26-

In this week’s episode of the “The Carrie Diaries”, Mouse and Carrie have big decisions to make. With a formal dance right around the corner, the girls are stressed with dates, dresses and…internship choices?

Larissa offers Carrie the opportunity to work for her at “Interview” magazine. However, while this may seem like the job of every fashion forward 16 year-olds dream, she does not want to disappoint her dad by quitting her internship with his law firm.

Adding to the pressure, Carrie hesitates to invite her new boyfriend to the dance because she is not sure whether her feelings with Sebastian have completely faded after spending Thanksgiving together. Fortunately for Carrie, Sebastian’s girlfriend pushes her to opt to bring George along.

Meanwhile, after getting into trouble at school, studious Mouse worries that her relationship with Seth is causing her to slack on her goals for the future. Also, as usual, Maggie turns to male affection to satisfy herself when she clearly just needs higher self-esteem. Saying no does not seem to be an issue for Carrie, however, when she feels like George may be taking things a little too far.

While the high school drama was at an all time high, Dorrit and her father went to see a ballet together. The performance was always a tradition Dorrit had shared with her mother, but her dad agreed to go in an attempt to connect with his daughter.

Unsurprisingly, Dorrit is less than impressed with his efforts and initially gives him a hard time. However, after a minor confrontation and a box of almonds for a peace offering, Mr. Bradshaw learns that what his daughter needs is simply to feel connected to him.


-Morgan Young

Staff Writer

The Prowl