‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: ‘Dangerous Territory’

Wednesday, Feb. 13-

This week’s episode of “The Carrie Diaries” is entitled “Dangerous Territory”. Carrie makes an effort to get over Sebastian after she spots him locking lips with Donna. Upon running into an old childhood friend, George, Carrie gets invited to be a date at an Upper East Side party.

Of course, Carrie Bradshaw’s get-up was nothing short of fabulous. She chose a one-shoulder royal purple-blue tea dress that really brought out her almond shaped eyes. She styled the dress with chunky chains and red lips. Carrie even managed to snag relationship advice and outfit approval from her stern boss.

However, Carrie learns she was misinformed about the formalness of the evening. Luckily, her keen eye for fashion led her to add a floor-length tutu to the bottom, taking the dress from cocktail to formal. Bradshaw’s passion for fashion is one of the many things that make “The Carrie Diaries” so stinkin’ fun to watch.

Other than the fabulous clothes, the episode featured issues on sexual pressure, dealing with exes and claiming hangout territory. Not only does Donna wave her new relationship with Sebastian in Carrie’s face, she is also determined to be everywhere she knows Carrie will be. Donna clearly holds on to deep insecurities that she covers up with teased hair and bright pink lipstick, but Sebastian seems to be able to see through that.

Maggie isn’t willing to give up the gang’s diner booth without a fight. Meanwhile, Mouse is struggling with the acceptance that Seth had sex with other girls during their break-up. In response, Mouse tells Seth that she did the same though that’s not true. Surprisingly, Seth gets mega jealous and can’t stand the thought of Mouse being with someone else.

As for Carrie, she runs into George’s ex at the party and learns quickly that his mother does not see her as a fit contender for her son. Awesome plot twist? George is so smitten with Carrie that he doesn’t care. In fact, he chases after her and creates what would be the perfect Carrie and Big moment from “Sex and the City”. Carrie learns that people, regardless of where they are from, can connect to one another through a variety of circumstances.

When George brings Carrie back to the party to face his mom a surprising discovery is made. Carrie learns, from George’s mother, that her mom loved the city just as much as she does.

In this episode, Carrie got a piece of her mother, a driver’s license and maybe even a new guy.


-Morgan Young

Staff Writer

The Prowl