‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: ‘Endgame’

Tuesday, Feb. 19-

This week’s episode of “The Carrie Diaries,” entitled “Endgame,” was all about creating new traditions and independence.

It’s Thanksgiving, Carrie’s mother’s favorite holiday, and Carrie is determined to make it perfect even though the family is missing one it’s key members. Though cooking is not her strong suit, Carrie feels the pressure of having to create the family’s traditional holiday meal after finding out that her grandmother wont be able to come into town to help.

On top of the stress of having to cook, Carrie learns that her father has invited her brand new beau and his father to dinner. So, in a scurry to make an elaborate meal, Carrie must also prepare her home to be presented to her high-society boyfriend. However, her biggest obstacle turns out to be none other than her little sister, Dorrit.

Meanwhile, Maggie is excited to join Walt and his family for Thanksgiving dinner. She is thrilled at the idea that their relationship is getting more serious but quickly realizes that her fairytale may be short lived. As Walt’s parents challenge her plan of following Walt to whatever college he chooses to attend, Maggie realizes she has no plan for her future.

She discovers that her options are limited because her family cannot afford for her to go to college and begins to feel somewhat helpless. However, after making the mature decision of choosing her wellbeing over a man, she realizes that she owes it to herself to make her own destiny and future plans.

All the while, Sebastian finds himself on Carrie’s doorstep after being abandoned by his mother on the family holiday. When he is discovered by Carrie, whose dinner plans literally went up in flames, she is pleasantly surprised.

Although the dinner was absolutely nothing like Carrie had hoped it would be, she decides it’s okay. As she sits down to a dinner of bean dip and chips with her family and friends, she feels more at home than she could have with the most delicious turkey or perfect stuffing.


-Morgan Young

Staff Writer

The Prowl