‘The Carries Diaries’ Recap: ‘Fright Night’

Tuesday, Feb. 5-

This week’s episode of “The Carrie Diaries” was full of crazy costumes, scary movies and creepy ’80s tunes. The setting? A couple of rockin’ Halloween parties. Young Carrie Bradshaw grabbed her best guy friend, Walt, and hit up the eclectic party in SoHo that Larissa invited her to, after not being invited to Sebastian’s party.

Staying true to her reputation of being fabulous but classy, Carrie donned a stunning white gown complete with a veiled tiara to emulate the late Princess Diana. Other than the fact that the costume itself was spot on, Carrie’s makeup and chic bob completed the look of elegance and beauty. However, even Carrie’s flawless ensemble could not save her innocence from the ecstasy-filled bash that Larissa subjected her to.

Meanwhile, Mouse and Maggie spent their evening at Sebastian’s party even though Carrie was not invited. Though it was not a costume party, it was not lacking crazy shenanigans. Mouse gained some experience with Sebastian’s drug of choice, while Maggie uses her connections to help out her friends.

Any viewer knows it would not be a good episode without some drama. Will Maggie and Walt rekindle their flame? Does Walt actually like boys instead? And how on earth is Mouse still the cutest person in the world, even after smoking a joint?


-Morgan Young

Staff Writer

The Prowl