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The Chicago White Sox lost four games in a row to the Clevaland Indians this week. Meanwhile, Cleveland clinched a postseason berth by winning game two of this series. 

José Ramírez started the series off with a three-run home run in the bottom of the first inning to put the Indians up 3-0 over the White Sox. An RBI extends Cleveland lead 4-0. The White Sox responded with an RBI double from José Abreu, cutting the lead in half. To tie the game with four apiece, White Sox Eloy Jiménez crushed a two-run home run. The game did not remain close for long. Carlos Santana destroyed a two run homer and Cleveland retook the lead. Reyes hit a sacrifice fly, another run scored, and the Indians beat the White Sox 7-4. 

Game two was dominated by stellar pitching performances from both teams. Tied 1-1, they headed into extra innings. At the top of the 10th, the White Sox drove in two runs hoping to win the game, but Cleveland had other plans. In the bottom of the 10th inning, Cleveland’s third baseman Ramírez hit a three-run walk-off homer to not only win the game, but also to clinch a playoff berth for the Indians. Cleveland beat Chicago 5-3.

Santana hit his seventh home run of the season to kick off game three. Edwin Encarnación on the White Sox hit a ground out single, a run scored, and Chicago tied the game 1-1. Heading into the ninth inning, the game was tied at 2-2. In the bottom of the ninth, Clevaland’s outfielder Jordan Luplow crushed a walk off home run. The Indians take game three, 3-2.

Going into the last game of the series, White Sox Yolmer Sanchez hit a solo home run in the third inning. Cesar Hernandez responded with an RBI double in the bottom of the third to tie the game 1-1. A ground out RBI from Yasmandi Grandal and a two-run single from Nomar Mazara put the White Sox on top of the Indians as they looked for their first win of this series. Chicago shattered the lead as Cesar Hernandez hit a two run single and Ramírez had an RBI double in the bottom of the seventh. The Indians secured the lead 5-4 over the White Sox. Cleveland pitcher Brad Hands ended the series with his 15th career save. 

The Cleveland Indians sweeped the White Sox four games to none. The Cleveland Indians will host the Pittsburgh Pirates while the White Sox will face the Cubs in a Chicago face off. The Cubs and White Sox will play a three game series in order to determine the superior baseball team for the city of Chicago. 

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