By Destinee Patterson,  E23 Reporter

The best time of year is always the holidays when you get to hang out with your family and friends. Everyone shares a meal and family issues are momentarily resolved (or at least brushed under the rug).

Easter is right around the corner, but unfortunately, not everyone gets to go home for the holidays. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of ways to get into the Easter spirit while on campus.

Buy the best Easter candy

How to celebrate easter in college.

The Easter Bunny shouldn’t skip you just because you’re not at home. Run to the nearest grocery store and grab some Easter candy. Luckily around this time most candy is on sale, so it won’t break the bank. There is no other Easter candy like Peeps and chocolate eggs. They will surely take care of your sweet tooth and make sure you’re feeling the Easter spirit

Decorate your room! 

How to celebrate easter in college.

Just like red and green are associated with Christmas, lively colors like pink, yellow, and green represent Easter. Streamers are always an inexpensive option for decoration. Just pick the right colors and hang them around your room! You can even find Easter bunny streamers, if you want to get fancy. Also, pretty much anything bunny-related is an acceptable decoration.

Make dinner with friends

How to celebrate easter in college.

You can never go wrong with food! Since family can’t always be around, spend time with your chosen family! Since college can put a lot of distance between you and your family, your friends are your most immediate support system in college. It’s important to show some appreciation for your friends! You can make a meal together and bond over your experiences together. What’s Easter without Easter dinner, anyway?

Dye Easter eggs

How to celebrate easter in college.


It’s not Easter if you don’t dye Easter eggs! You can get a dyeing kit at virtually any convenience or grocery store. You just let the eggs sit in the dye for a couple minutes and VIOLA, a cute, colorful egg. Dyeing eggs will transport you to the good old days in no time. You can even get stickers or markers to decorate them to their fullest potential.

If you’re religious, find a church on campus.

How to celebrate easter in college.


For those in the Christian community, Easter is about more than family time and cool decorations, it centers around the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you believe the same, church will definitely make the day seem like Easter at home. There are plenty of church services of all denominations to choose from. Putting on an Easter Sunday dress will surely bring back memories of your mother forcing you to put one on.

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