By Ashley Sheppard and Rachel Zalucki

In 2009, according to Billboard, The Head and the Heart found their start at open-mic nights in a small Seattle pub. From there, the band began touring around the U.S., opening for various bands such as Vampire Weekend and Death Cab for Cutie. After two successful albums (2011’s “The Head and the Heart” and 2013’s “Let’s Be Still”) with their previous label Sub Pop, “Signs of Light”, the band’s third studio album, signaled their shift in both presence and notoriety as they signed with record label Warner Bros. Records.

This weekend, Columbia was blessed with the band’s presence on Friday as they neared the tail-end of their tour for their new album. The Blue Note’s Summerfest, which is an outdoor concert series on Ninth Street, opened with an up-and-coming band called The Shelters. They were performing songs from their self-titled 2016 album. The street was filled with Columbia natives and tourists alike. When The Head and the Heart arrived to thunderous applause, it was no surprise that they left the crowd more boisterous than they found it. In all, Summerfest with The Head and the Heart was a very unique and incredible concert experience.

Guitarists Chase Simpson and Josh Jove and bassist Jacob Pillot from The Shelters play on a stage lit with red lights.

Guitarists Chase Simpson and Josh Jove and bassist Jacob Pillot from The Shelters lead the band in playing one of their songs. (Photo by Ashley Sheppard)

The Shelters perform on stage.

The Shelters are a rock band from Los Angeles. (Photo by Ashley Sheppard)

Chase Simpson plays a red electric guitar on stage.

Guitarist Chase Simpson starts the band in playing the song “Rebel Heart”. (Photo by Ashley Sheppard)

Sebastian Harris, the drummer, raises his fist.

Sebastian Harris from The Shelters raises his fist signaling the end of the band’s performance. (Photo by Ashley Sheppard)

The Head and the Heart perform on stage with a "Signs of Light" neon sign in the back.

The Head and the Heart open their set with songs from their new album, “Signs of Light”, at The Blue Note’s Summerfest. Jonathan Russell sings while playing the tambourine. Matt Gervais also provides vocals and acoustic guitar, Charity Rose Thielen harmonizes, and Tyler Williams plays the drums in the background to the band’s single “Don’t Dream It’s Over”. (Photo by Ashley Sheppard)

Jonathan Russell performs on stage.

Jonathan Russell introduces the single “All We Ever Knew” with a guitar solo. (Photo by Ashley Sheppard)

Guitarists Matt Gervais and Jonathan Russell perform on a stage lit with blue lights.

Guitarists Matt Gervais and Jonathan Russell from The Head and the Heart play their number “Another Story” while their fans help by singing along. (Photo by Rachel Zalucki)

Matt Gervais sings and plays the tambourine into the microphone.

Matt Gervais performs the vocals and tambourine for “Rhythm and Blues”. (Photo by Ashley Sheppard)

Gervais and Russell perform on the stage lit with purple mood lighting.

Gervais performs lead guitar while Russell provides acoustic guitar to “Rhythm and Blues”. (Photo by Rachel Zalucki)

Russell says goodbye to the audience.

Jonathan Russell closes out Summerfest with “Rivers and Roads”. (Photo by Ashley Sheppard)

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