The hectic search for summer internships

The hectic search for summer internships

By Tana Kelley

During the summer, some students choose to have a part-time job or internship. However the preceding months are when those students are the most panicky. The career center has lots of resources for students to edit resumes, find job and internship listings and talk to a specialist. One way students can find listings is on the website.

“In the last calendar year we posted nearly 1800 internships,” said Amanda Nell, the Senior Student Service Coordinator and Coordinator of “And those are all positions companies have said I want to notify MU talent and recruit here at MU.”

Career specialists want students to know that they shouldn’t just rely on job and internship search sites online. Students can also go to career fairs and other career-related events.

“[Career fairs] help you figure out the different areas in your career or major. It gives a broader view of everything you can do,” MU freshman Jackson Ismert said.

Although a lot of the career fairs are over, there are other ways to get connected. You can speak with your professors, employers and get connected on LinkedIn. Kyle Holtzman, a career specialist at the Career Center, said it’s really important to get your face out there by going to career fairs and talking to employers. That way, employers will remember your face and be more likely to hire you.

“The sooner you start understanding what you want and start looking for things that would be interesting to you, the better of you’ll be in the future,” Holtzman said.

Many students come to the career center for the StrengthsTest quiz. Beyond that, students got to the career center to meet with the career specialists about resume building. On there are links to 60 sample resumes for all sorts of majors. When students log on, there is a resume creator they can use.

“Every student has a profile already started at hiremizzoutigers, so everyone’s data from the registrar’s office is uploaded in there,” Nell said. “Everybody’s got a profile that’s 75 percent complete. It just takes a few more minutes to figure out the rest of the information.”

For more information and resume help students can drop into the career center from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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