The Hover Board is No Longer Fiction

Gabe Dubois – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

ArxPax, a small tech company from California, says that they have invented the worlds first efficient hover board.

They are comparing their invention to the board used by Marty Mcfly in the movies Back To The Future 2 and 3. It hovers about an inch above the ground, and provides a frictionless ride across a flat metal surface.

Previous attempts to make hover boards have used air power to lift the platform off the ground. ArxPax on the other hand is utilizing a patented magnetic based technology for their lifting. The electric magnets in the bottom of the board react with a “conductive non paramagnetic surface” to hover just above the ground. It’s a revolutionary breakthrough in technology.

The creators of this invention say that their end goal is not to create a hover board. That is actually a middle step in their process. They want to apply the hovering technology that the board provides to buildings. Their thinking is that if a building is hovering above the ground, earthquakes won’t be able to damage them nearly as much, saving lives and capital.

This is a groundbreaking idea, but it unfortunately is only a theory at the moment. It is also going to be a significant amount of time before their technology is ready for that kind of application. The current hover board is the engineer’s twentieth prototype, and they say that there are still more steps that have to be taken on this middle step invention. Then want to make it quitter when turned on, and are attempting to add a remote control to the machine, making it easier to steer.

Currently, the company is working on marketing their product to sell and get funding. They can then continue the development of their earthquake defensive buildings. Only time will tell what the future holds for these engineers.

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