The Jonas Brothers call it quits and Nick moves on to greater future

By Mary Evanoff, The Prowl

This is an SOS. Sad and sorry news was confirmed as the Jonas Brothers announced that they have officially disbanded as a band.

News broke on Oct. 3, when the band of brothers canceled its 19—date tour just days before it started. This left fans confused when sources credited the cancelation to “deep personal rifts” in the band. To further fan’s confusion, the official Jonas Brothers Twitter account was then deleted. After a few cryptic tweets from Nick and Joe, and waiting a little bit longer, the band confirmed everyone’s worst fears.

On Tuesday Oct. 29, Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas announced their “unanimous decision” to end the band. Though they are still just friends and will always be brothers, they have decided to stop making music.

Nick said he felt like it was pushing him away from his goals, and shared his concerns with his brothers. “I was feeling trapped. I needed to share my heart with my brothers,” he told PEOPLE magazine. According to Joe, Nick’s feelings were mutual and the brothers decided it would be much better to call it quits.

The Jonas Brothers signed to Hollywood records in 2005. Since then, they have sold more than 20 million records, completed several world tours, released a 3D concert movie, headlined a Disney Channel TV show, had a few famous girlfriends, starred in the Camp Rock movie franchise, dabbled in some not-so-successful solo careers and had a reality TV show on E!.

The “Year 3000” singers have been promising new music for their fans since 2011. This year they released 2 poorly received singles and a music video while they tried to find their new sound.

The brothers’ fifth album, “V” has been put on the shelf. Though many fans are still in love with the “Burnin’ Up” singers, they are only rewarding their biggest fans. Jonas Fan Club members, exclusively, will receive 4 new songs and 10 live songs from their summer concert.

Nick has already moved on to his next project. He played a show on Nov. 3, at Live in the Vineyard in California. The next day he released a teaser trailer for his new movie “Careful What You Wish For,” which hits theatres in 2014. It seems to be a one man show, with reports that Joe is also starting to focus on acting. Kevin is expecting his first child with wife Danielle.