The Ninth Annual Third Goal Film Festival in Columbia

Ariel Sierra – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

On Saturday Jan. 31, The Ninth Annual Third Goal Film Festival was held as the Missouri Theater. The free event was hosted by the Central Missouri Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

The festival showcased five films, which portrayed issues in cultures from around the world.

“We try and take our viewer around the world,” said Mike Burden, Third Goal Film Festival Coordinator.

The third goal of the Peace Corps is “helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.” On a part of their mission The Peace Corps Volunteers are supposed to bring back what they learned to America, hence the name Third Goal Film Festival.

The films were picked to highlight hot button issues in countries where Returned Peace Corps Volunteers have served. In the film “Alex and Ali”, the topic of homosexuality was covered, and in the film “Cambodian Son” the issue of deportation was addressed.

Like many film festivals, Third Goal wanted to spark conversation about topics that effect the world.

“The goal is simple, but also really important”, said Burden. “It’s for people to have discussions and dialogue, and understand each other better. If they understand each other better, then we are more likely to live in harmony.”

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