The Poster Sale Returns to MU

Jalyn Henderson – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

The week of Jan. 26, The Poster Sale returned for the first time of the new year as students flocked to Memorial Union to buy posters of their favorite artwork, artists and movies to decorate their rooms.

The College Poster Sale Company, who sponsors MU Poster Sales, have roughly 20 teams traveling all across college campuses to sell and promote posters.

David Terreo and Hassib Chebli were the directors of this week’s Poster Sale, who sold, restocked and helped advertise this event for MU students.

“This is the most fun [job] and it pays well, so I always try to do this when I can,” said Terreo, “I get to see so many different parts of the country.”

MU students also enjoy this event, some even returned this year to restock their poster collections.

“They had this during first semester too, so I decided to come back and see things I might’ve missed,” said MU student, Leah Thomas.

Despite a consistent crowd during sales hours, the numbers experienced at winter poster sales aren’t comparable to the massive size and income that fall sales produce.

“In the fall time I would be running in circles trying to restock the posters, [Hassib] would constantly be selling and rolling posters, neither of us would have one minute of the day,” said Terreo.

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