‘The Real Husbands of Hollywood’ Recap: ‘Karma’s a Mitch’

Thursday, Feb. 7-

Every Tuesday people tune in to BET Network to watch comedy super star Kevin Hart’s new series “The Real Husbands of Hollywood”. The show has taken off and now five episodes into its first season.

This week’s episode was another way of broadcasting Harts hilarious personality. The episode began with cast members Robin Thicke, JB Smoove, Nick Cannon and Hart’s assistant Oliver, as they joined Duane Martin aka “Shake” at a mansion. Martin wanted to persuade the guys to purchase a home where they could hold parties. After Hart obnoxiously disagreed with Martin’s proposal due to the $50,000 that he did not have, he stormed outside where he spotted the beautiful Bella Gonzalez.

He flirted with Gonzalez, who later turned out to be the girlfriend of champion boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley. While trying to talk his way out of his mistake of flirting with Gonzalez, Hart somehow agreed to do a charity-boxing match with Mosley.

Kevin Hart in a boxing match with a champion boxer? Everyone saw this going downhill, even Hart. The impeccable Layla Ali is hired to give Hart boxing lessons in order to prepare for the fight. At this point everyone wanted to see Hart lose including Ali.

The episode leaves off with a cliffhanger as the fight approaches. Tune into next Tuesday’s episode to see Hart and Mosley rumble!


-Sydney Watkins

Staff Writer

The Prowl