‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Becomes a Tradition at The Blue Note

The one and only “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was shown at The Blue Note on April 2.

The host of the event, Mark Chambers, made sure that the Rocky Horror experience began from the time audience members first walked in the door. He went around meeting and taking pictures with the crowd before the show.

The audience included many groups who came dressed up as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” characters, but there were many in the audience who seemed a bit taken back by the mature content and language.

When the movie began, the audience was being led through with commentary from Chambers, but soon enough they caught on and knew exactly when and what to yell at the big screen.

When the famous song “Time Warp” came on, everyone left their seats to move on over to the dance floor. Pretty soon everyone was doing the steps like pros.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is something that cannot be fully understood until experiencing it for oneself. The Blue Note, which used to feature the show yearly, is now having the interactive viewing every six months due to the growing popularity of the event.

-Amber Smith and Alfie Cox


The Prowl