By Sara Nelson, E23 Reporter

It has been four years since John Mayer released his sixth album “Paradise Valley”. Some would say that album kind of flopped because, well, no one ever talks about it. In 2016 he toured with the band Grateful Dead and they called the tour Dead and Company.

If you follow him on any social media you will know that while touring he still made time to get into the studio. After speculation from fans he tweeted that he was in the studio with the people he made “Continuum” with. Super fans were so excited they could have exploded. The waiting game started…but there is no need to wait anymore! Mr. Mayer has an album!

“The Search For Everything” is Mayer’s seventh album and has already climbed to number one on charts everywhere. But there are only four songs, how is that an album? Well little one, in a Facebook live Q&A he said there were so many songs on this album, and he wants fans to really enjoy and get to know the songs.

The songs mean so much to Mayer that he has decided he will release them in waves. Wave One was released in mid-January and includes four songs:” Moving On and Getting Over”, “Changing”, “Love On The Weekend”, and “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me”. Let’s jump into each individual song shall we?

“Moving On and Getting Over” is obviously about moving on from someone. The vibe of the song isn’t a boo-hoo I’m sad song. It has a “Continuum”-esque sound you feel like you can just groove to. “I’m one text away from being back again, but I’m moving on and getting over.” It’s a good song to listen to if you are on the emotional fence about going back to that person or doing your own thing and getting better.

“Changing” is about how no matter how old you are, you are never done changing. Mayer is a person who is not afraid to admit his flaws and that he is still growing up. “Changing” is definitely a song everyone should listen to if they are having a rough time trying to figure out how things will work out. “Sometimes I wonder if she’ll be the one when I’m done changing.” it’s a song to the world that people are still changing as they grow and sometimes as you grow, people who used to be in your life will come back.

“Love On the Weekend” is a song to be kept on repeat. It’s an escape from reality, you can picture two people dropping everything and getting away from the hustle and bustle for a weekend. For those few days it is just them and wherever their hearts take them. “I hate your guts ‘cause I’m lovin’ every minute of it” sounds like it’s coming from someone who used to not be able to enjoy time with someone else and fall into them with everything they have. “Love On the Weekend” is the sunshine the world needs.

Get your tissues ready because “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me” is a song about how reality is never as perfect as we expect it to be. “And when the pastor asks the pews for reasons he can’t marry you, I’ll keep my word and my seat.” This lyric is clearly about someone he loved and still loves, who is moving on with their life without him and it’s hard not to fall into a void of sadness. He just has to sit there and watch it happen and be supportive even if he wants it so bad to be him with her. Tears will flow with this song.

Wave One is just the beginning of a beautiful masterpiece. John Mayer fans get ready for the best year in music, because every month he will release a piece of his album. The next release cannot come fast enough!

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