“The Situation” Facing Tax Evasion Charges

“The Situation” Facing Tax Evasion Charges

By: Erin Szczepaniak, E23 Staffer

On Wednesday, Oct. 4, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his brother/manager, Marc Sorrentino, were indicted for tax fraud. Mike Sorrentino is a reality star whose claim to fame is the show “Jersey Shore” during which he coined the term GTL, otherwise known as “gym, tan, laundry” as his mantra for life. The show ran its last season in 2012.

The two brothers allegedly channeled money from the two companies they own into their personal accounts and claimed cars and clothes as “business expenses.” Allegedly, false tax returns were filed by the brothers on approximately $8.9 million made through promotional activities and Mike Sorrentino made $2 million in 2011 without filing a personal tax return. The brothers will be pleading not guilty to all charges.

“The charges are fiction,” said Christopher Adams, attorney for Marc Sorrentino. “And it’s unfortunate that the government is relying on the word of a disgraced accountant who is a proven liar.”

The Sorrentinos will appear in Newark Federal Court on Oct. 6 and could face extensive jail time. Mike Sorrentino could face up to 11 years in prison and his brother Marc up to 14 years.

This is not “The Situation’s” first encounter with law enforcement. He was also arrested on June 17 this year for assault. TMZ reports that the Sorrentino brothers engaged in physical violence at the Bocas Tanning Salon they co-own in Middletown, N.J. The incident resulted in a black eye, a charge of simple assault, $500 bail and mandatory anger management for Mike Sorrentino. Their mother attempted to break up the fight and according to Sorrintino, her accidental elbow jabs resulted in the black eye. In addition to that incident, a week before the fight, the salon’s employees had called law enforcement when their checks bounced. At this time, there is no verification that the fight occurring the following week was due to finances or that the two incidences are related at all.

After “Jersey Shore” first aired in 2009, Sorrentino began charging $15,000-50,000 for nightclub appearances, went on the show “Dancing with the Stars,” had multiple endorsements, fitness DVDs, and created a cologne line. He is also currently filming a reality TV show about his family called “The Sorrentinos” which will air on TVGN.

“It’s a platform,” Sorrentino’s manager said. “You have to use it intelligently.”

Though it seems he is trying to stay in the lime-light, when the reality show ended in 2012 his prominence has significantly dwindled.