The Snow Has Arrived in Buffalo

Gabe Dubois – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

A massive snowstorm on Tuesday night trapped scores of drivers in their cars on the roads near Buffalo, NY.

Cars and trucks were surrounded by over four feet of snow, with no way out of their vehicles. Rescuers worked day and night along the I-90 highway to free passengers from these icy prisons.

Several people were trapped in their cars for nearly 36 hours. Those that were lucky enough to have food or water were few and far between. The lucky people in this situation seemed to be truck drivers because their larger tanks allowed them to leave their heat on longer. Anyone alone in a small car were not in a good situation.

The city attempted to supply as many people as they could with food like granola bars. Unfortunately, they could not reach as many vehicles as they wished. There were no fatalities during the storm, but people were forced to go without food and water for extended periods of time.

This early winter has caught a lot of cities by surprise. With salt supplies low, and not enough snow plows to go around, people are scrambling all over the country to prepare for the upcoming cold winter. The polar vortex from last year may be gone, but clearly its effects are still lingering.

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