Super Bowl

By Tyra Murray, E23 Reporter

As we all know, the Super Bowl just happened, and with it came obligatory socializing. Way too many times, I have experienced someone throwing a party that turns out lame. Guests are ashamed. The party gods are ashamed. The problem is some hosts think it’s about the music. Some may say the activities are key. They need to face the truth. It’s all about the food. Not only does food fuel your body, but it also fuels your party.

The Super Bowl is sacred, but I will admit that I only pretended to know what’s going on in order to get fed potluck style. So if you invited people over for the NFL holiday, please throw those celery sticks in the trash. No one needed that kind of mockery. Instead, I hope you gathered a variety of the good stuff, because every stomach is different.

Hot Dogs: They’re classic. They’re simple. They’re something that should be grilling as we speak.

Hamburgers: For the hot dog haters, this is the go-to alternative.

Pretzels: Grains

Chips and Dip: If you bring the guacamole, the salsa and the seven- layer dip, you’re a professional.

Mozzarella Sticks: Fried cheese. Need I say more?

Wings: This is the most widely regarded Super Bowl food ever. Wings are life. Get with the program.

Pizza: One of the only things in life that can still be good even when it’s bad.

Chili Cheese Fries: Almost as cheesy as your dad’s jokes, but you have a hint of beanie goodness.

Nachos: Don’t have nachos? I’m na cho friend.

Salad: You want to be healthy, and I respect that.

Juice: The non- alcoholic beer with the sugary sweetness of a thousand kisses.

Football- Shaped Desserts: The Super Bowl the Valentine’s Day of football. Everyone appreciates the football spirit only if they can eat it.

I hope you’ve taken my advice for next year’s Super Bowl party or for any Grammy or Academy Awards parties you might throw soon. Otherwise, you might need to find another way to keep your friends happy.