The Uber Cool New Way to Get Around Columbia

By: Breanna Lehane, E23 Staffer

Described as “your shortcut to everywhere,” Uber transportation service has finally hit the streets of Columbia. For those of you from city areas, this may just be the answer to all your prayers. For those of you that have never heard of Uber, you can expect an experience far different than that of Stripes or a local Taxicab. Uber specializes in creating an efficient and fashionable ride from point A to point B in a matter of minutes.

So how does Uber work? All you have to do is download the App and enter your cell phone and credit card number. Within seconds you can select the location you want to travel to, and the Uber App will give you estimates on the cost, and your drivers time of arrival. Simply click, Request UberX, and it will show the location of your driver as they head to pick you up. Yup, it’s really that easy. No shuffling for cash or waiting for the next available taxi, your Uber should arrive in a few short minutes.

So what is so special about Uber? Well, lets face it, as fashionable as a bright yellow taxi is, Uber has luxurious cars that are a bit more appealing to the eye. Uber is recognized for their all black exterior vehicles. There is the UberX, the UberTAXI, the UberBLACK high-end sedan, the SUV, and the LUX. All of these sleek and speedy vehicles run 24/7 and come at a rate just about the same as the average taxi. Also, if cost is what you are worried about and you can’t cover the tab by yourself, Uber allows you to split a payment with another user right on your phone. No more IOU’s and deciding how much each person owes.

I’ll never forget my first experience with Uber. I was downtown Chicago on with my best friend and her very fabulous cousin. Everything this guy did screamed adventure and luxury. Since he had to be on his way to New York City in a few minutes he used his Uber App to pick us up. When an all black LUX pulled up, I sincerely thought this was a taxi service only people of high class and cash filled pockets played with. My driver was dressed to impress with an attitude to match. It wasn’t long after that day that I discovered that this service is something commonly used by everyone. But the fact that I felt as though I was being treated as a royalty really says something about the business. So when it came to cruising around Chicago, Uber always became my go to. Now that it’s here in Columbia, I can expect the same uber impressed reaction and costumer loyalty from many more to come.