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COLUMBIA – Tiger Tutors is an on-campus service that offers free tutoring to MU students, more specifically undergraduate students. Tutoring takes place on Zoom this semester due to the pandemic.

Tutor and MU senior Evie Stone describes Tiger Tutors as an open help session where students can get help on work, whether it be a broad or specific problem. Students can go on the Tiger Tutors website, click on the Zoom link for their specific subject, and from there can either get help in the main room or in a separate room.

“It’s really up to what the student’s comfortable with, but that way it can either be one on one or it can kind of be more like a group help,” Stone says.

Students can find the list of subjects and courses offered on the Tiger Tutors website, along with the dates and times for the corresponding sessions.

Stone says that due to the pandemic, there are lower numbers of students attending Tiger Tutors, which surprised her. She recalled the difficulty of having to walk across campus to get help when tutoring was in person, an obstacle that has been eliminated due to Zoom.

Chris Parmley, a statistics tutor and MU graduate student, describes the switch to Zoom as a challenge. 

“I really miss being able to sit down with people and talk to them face to face,” he says.

Parmley says he found his love for tutoring through assisting his peers in his statistics class.

“I really enjoyed helping other students to achieve their goals, and so that’s why I really sought out the job.”

One of Parmley’s most enjoyable experiences as a tutor is getting to meet and interact with people. 

“If [students] keep coming back and you get to know regulars, it’s just a really good experience to meet people and have fun with them and learn together.”

Both Parmley and Stone emphasized how anyone can come to Tiger Tutors, regardless of how they are doing in a class.

“It’s just a great environment for students of all calibers to come and just feel good about what they’re learning,” Parmley says.


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