Tigers Get a Legg Up On the Competition

Sunday, Oct. 16 –

The Tigers jogged out of Terre Haute, Ind., with 15th place in finish pre-nationals.

The pre-nationals meet is the largest track meet nationwide and featured 35 different teams in the showcase. As the final meet before the NCAA championships on Nov. 21 in Terre Haute, it was an important test for the Tigers.

Thanks to a strong effort, the nine-man team was able to finish 15th overall, with it’s top two runners finishing 56th and 60th, respectively. Senior Dan Quigley finished in 25:15, giving him a remarkable 56th place finish. Sophomore Hayden Legg used his “leggs” to storm across the finish line three seconds after Quigley, finishing at 25:18 and 60th overall.

Mizzou finished with three Top-100 finishes. Finalizing the trio was junior Max Storms who finished in 78th. The Tigers had six other runners finish, all within the top 205, and eight total runners in the top 200.

The race was the biggest race in the nation and had 296 total finishers and a grand total of 35 participating schools.

The Tigers have done well this season, having team finishes as high as first and second. They have made major improvements and tremendous strides overall and hope to continue that as they move towards the NCAA Championships on Nov. 21.

– Kevin Waida
23 Sports
Staff Writer