VS Fashion Show reminds us ’tis the season for female envy

By Rachel Sirany, The Prowl

Nov. 13 was the taping of one of my favorite events, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which is due to air on CBS, December 10.

There’s often so much dispute with show, the models are too thin, it’s horrible for young girls’ self-esteem, etc. But being honest with you, I love it.

The glitz and the glamour of the whole event is an adrenaline rush for the girly girl in me. I have a bit of an obsession with the VS models themselves, following a majority of them on Instagram and consistently wishing I was paid to look super-hot and hangout in my underwear all day. None the less, I’m realistic in knowing that aspiring to be them in unrealistic, and I’ll eat my McDonalds and just watch the show from my couch. I’m okay with that too.

This year’s show includes your most popular angel faces of Lily Aldridge, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Karlie Kloss, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lindsay Ellingson and others for a total of 35 beautiful girls. Special attention goes out to the star of this year’s show, Candice Swanepoel. The 25 year old South African native will be sporting this year’s fantasy bra, designed by jewelry company Mouwad and worth an estimated $10 million! The fact that this girl is hotter than I could imagine being and is wearing more than I’ll ever earn in as minimal clothing possible makes me a little jealous, to say the least.

However that’s the part I love too! It’s the over-the-top girly fantasy that has me along with around 9 million other viewers drooling over their sparkly, crystallized wings while they strut down a 100 foot glitter infused runway. It takes 9 months of planning to pull off one of the most unrealistic events in theory, but it always turns out flawlessly and truly is the sexiest night on television.

The 2013 show is expected to have some extra snaz up its pink satin robe sleeve. This year, along with the incredibly fantasy bra, super model Lima, age 32 and mother of two, will sport a special “Pearly Queen” look. Over 3,000 pearl buttons were used to create her outfit and will be featured in the “British Invasion” section of the show, one of the six themed segments of the night. The others are “Birds of Paradise,” “Parisian Nights,” “Shipwrecked” “Snow Angels” and “PINK Network.” Ellingson is also wearing a special costume, one made by 3D print, the first of its kind to ever be showcased by Victoria’s Secret.

The performers of the night include both America’s rebel band “Fall Out Boy,” and sweetheart Taylor Swift. Although it’s been reported that one model claims Swift didn’t “fit in” with the fashion show atmosphere. My response? We all know Taylor can be a try hard, but look where it got her. And if you’re upset she got more attention than you without strutting in her underwear, than stop acting like you deserve better and go back to remembering you get paid to wear Swarovski crystasl and walk back and forth.

My excitement for the show is off the charts as always. I’ll more than likely be spending it like I do every year, in my high school friend’s basement practicing our catwalks, gawking at the glamour, and claiming I’ll be going on a diet next week.

So enjoy the glamour and prepare for the sexiest night of television!