Title IX Student Training Begins

Sabatke and Sims Title IX webstory photo

Sabatke and Sims Title IX webstory photo

Sarah Sabatke and Rayna Sims – MUTV 23 News Staff Writers


Beginning this spring, all MU students will be strongly encouraged to complete an online program concerning Title IX.

The training program, called “Not Anymore,” consists of an online lesson that covers several different topics concerning the Title IX policy.

“The ‘Not Anymore’ training includes seven, and it’s web-based, online modules; sexual discrimination, stalking on the basis of sex, what do you do if a situation occurs, and bystander intervention, dating and domestic violence,” said MU Title IX Coordinator Linda Bennett.

All MU students will be strongly encouraged to complete the virtual program and score a minimum of seventy percent in order to receive a satisfactory mark on MyZou.

“Currently the training is highly recommended, meaning that our campus highly recommends that all students take it and that at some point in the future it potentially could be required for students to take the training,” said Bennett.

The “Not Anymore” program will take approximately one hour to complete, and can be saved at any time to return to later. The goal of the training is to enable students to better handle such situations.

“The main goal about Title IX itself and this training is that we want this campus to have a safe and healthy working environment…if we better understand what is included in these behaviors, then we’re better able to respond,” Bennett said. “Knowledge is power, and then they can be a part of making the change on behalf of this campus to reduce and to support their peers when something does occur.”

The “Not Anymore” training can be found at https://studentsuccess.org/SSO/umissouri. It can also be located through the link in emails sent out by the Title IX Office.

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