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Spoilers Ahead

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for Bachelor Nation! The two-part finale of “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 5 that aired on Sept. 10 and 11 took many dramatic twists, and that is only the beginning. It was also announced that Colton Underwood from Becca Kufrin’s season of “The Bachelorette” will be the next Bachelor, and some fans are unsure about the choice, and in less headlining but just as shocking news, Bekah Martinez from Arie Luyendek’s season of “The Bachelor” has announced her pregnancy. Bachelor franchise fans have been bombarded with exciting, heartbreaking and shocking news in just one week.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Finale – Part 1

The BIP (“Bachelor in Paradise”) finale was filled with some shocking, and not-so-shocking, moments that had viewers clapping, booing and cheering with joy. The first half of the two-part finale aired Sept. 10, and viewers got a glimpse at the last day in paradise. As of part 1, three couples were left in paradise and decided to stay for the fantasy suites: Annaliese Puccini and Kamil Nicalek, Chris Randone and Krystal Nielsen and Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball. After the fantasy suites, it is the moment of truth- who is going to propose?

All three women were hoping for engagements, however only Jenna and Krystal received them, and each one happily said yes. Kamil did not propose to Annaliese, however he stated he wanted to stay together and leave as a couple to see if they could make it in the real world.

These results did not surprise me, nor did they seem to shock many other viewers. Krystal and Chris, who were the villains of their respective seasons, had undeniable chemistry and each of them really seemed to redeem their character on this season. Jenna and Jordan also seemed to feel they had each met their other, just as weird, half. On the other hand, while Annaliese thought her connection was Kamil was incredible and felt ready to become engaged, viewers certainly did not see the same type of chemistry on-screen between the pair as Annaliese seemed to think was there. However, hopeless romantic Annaliese left feeling content knowing that her relationship with Kamil could continue to grow.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Finale – Part 2

In Part 2 of the finale, viewers finally had the chance to see what has happened (as of filming two weeks ago) since the filming of the season wrapped up quite a few weeks prior. One particularly happy moment was seeing that Chris and Krystal are still happily together following their engagement. They plan to move in together and get married, and we even got a peek of footage of Chris meeting Krystal’s dogs! Another sweet moment was seeing their moms in the audience, who said they had become best friends already.

A not-so-happy moment was when Kamil broke up with Annaliese on stage. This was not the first time Kamil made himself look bad on-camera, but this was a new low. Kamil felt it was not working, but anyone who watched knew that this obviously was not the right time for Kamil to break up with Annaliese. Annaliese was absolutely shocked, as she had just met Kamil’s family and they had just booked an AirBnB to spend the week together following the show! She left the stage and shed some tears, but quickly came back on stage to assert herself, saying she had tried to end things already and Kamil begged for her back, and he was  embarrassing her when he could have ended things before the show. This was a true “you-go-girl” moment, and I think everyone was happy to see Annaliese put Kamil in his place.

Personally, I was most excited to see that fan-favorite couples, Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt, and Joe Amabile and Kendall Long, had decided to reconcile their relationships and get back together following their paradise break-ups.

I thought Astrid and Kevin had the strongest connection on the show since the beginning, so I was crushed when Kevin broke down about not knowing if it felt right and Astrid left heartbroken. I was happy to see that they had talked and then decided on part 2 that they want to make the relationship work.

Joe and Kendall are both fan-favorites on their own, so lots of fans were ecstatic to see them as a couple. I worry that Kendall will break Joe’s heart again the way she did when she ditched him for Leo, and the way she did when she expressed she did not know if she reciprocated Joe’s feelings, leading Joe to leave paradise, but they seemed to be happy the night of the finale so I will still be rooting for them.

Jenna and Jordan also came out on the stage happily engaged, and we even got to see clips of one of the times they had seen each other after they left paradise as a happy couple. Their relationship felt so genuine and it was almost impossible to not root for these two who just seemed like two peas in a pod. However, things took a turn for the worst following the airing of the finale.

The Jenna/Jordan/Mystery Man/Reality Steve Text Message Cheating Scandal

We were all so happy for Jenna and Jordan. Everything seemed perfect! Until it wasn’t. The morning that part 2 of the finale aired, blogger Reality Steve leaked text messages that changed everything for the worst. The blogger posted screenshots that had been sent to him by a mystery man who Jenna had apparently been seeing before the show and had continued to do so after while being engaged to Jordan. Reality Steve explained that he and the sender of the screenshots had engaged in a long chain of email conversations, and that this man said that Jenna was manipulating him and he was done with her, and that Jordan and everyone else deserved to know what she was doing. The texts contained graphic phrases as well as Jenna saying that Jordan did not mean anything to her.

When the texts came out, everything went downhill. Jordan posted on Instagram on Tuesday evening following the finale that he had decided to break off the engagement, and Jenna followed by saying that the texts were fake and she would be getting a lawyer to help her prove it. It would be hard for anyone believe that Jenna could do such a thing, so many people believed that the text messages were forged and that there was no way they could be real.

Early in the morning on Sept. 14, Reality Steve posted a podcast with Jordan Kimball himself. It was obvious in his voice that Jordan was shocked and heartbroken. Jordan also made it clear that he did not break off the engagement just because of some screenshots. Jordan claimed that he went to Jenna and rather than flat-out denying it and saying she would never, she was wishy-washy saying she didn’t remember sending that, or maybe she was drunk, which only made Jordan less confident in the idea that it could be fake.

Jordan also explained how the texts just sounded like Jenna- it was her exact style of texting- the words, the emojis, everything. Reality Steve also said how an apparent friend of Jenna’s had wrote in, saying that yes the texts were real, but Jenna was just using the man for business because she needed the money and she really did care for Jordan. Jordan said that even if it were the truth, that would not make him feel any better.

Reality Steve also posed the question of why Jenna had not come to him asking who sent in the messages in hopes to try and resolve anything, and that should have been her first thought. When asked, Jordan said he wasn’t sure if their relationship could potentially ever recover if the texts really aren’t real, and that it definitely can’t if they are real. I feel terrible for Jordan, and I know many other fans are feeling the same.

Baby Bekah is Pregnant!

In less headlining but still just as shocking news, 23 year-old Bekah Martinez from Arie’s season of “The Bachelor” has announced her pregnancy! Bekah’s age was a huge storyline on her season of “The Bachelor,” so fans were incredibly surprised to hear this recent news.

Bekah has been extremely active on her social media platforms ever since, and it was a shock to many that she did not go on “Bachelor in Paradise” this year. She explained that she did not go on the show because she was in a relationship with Grayston Leonard, who has nothing to do with the “Bachelor” franchise.

However, on Sept. 12, she revealed through a video on her Instagram that there was just one more tiny reason she decided not to go on the show- because she is pregnant! She found out just three months into her relationship with her boyfriend that she was pregnant. However, Bekah is certainly making the best of the situation and has stated her excitement to be a mom.

Colton Underwood is America’s next Bachelor- is that a good choice?

Colton Underwood, the 26 year-old former football player that quickly became a fan-favorite on Becca Kufrin’s season of “The Bachelorette,” has been named the next bachelor. A large part of Colton’s story on the show was that before he went on “The Bachelorette,” he had a weekend fling with Tia Booth, who appeared alongside Becca on Arie’s season. In the early episodes, Tia came on the show to tell Becca there were no hard feelings. However, a few episodes later after hometown dates, Tia came back on to tell Becca she still had feelings for Colton. That night, Becca chose to send Colton home.

Colton then reappeared on “Bachelor in Paradise” with Tia, and they had a relationship on the show that eventually ended after Colton decided Tia was not the one for him, ending in the two of them both deciding to go home.

ABC obviously did not feel it was time for Colton’s time in the spotlight to end, so he will be appearing in his third series season in a row, but this time as the leading man. There have been mixed opinions on this choice. Colton seems like a great choice- he runs a charity that benefits children, he loves dogs, he has never been shown to be problematic and he is just all-around a good guy.

However, many fans question his maturity and his intentions, and have voiced their opinions that Blake Horstmann or Jason Tartick, who also both appeared on Becca’s season, would have been better choices.

Bachelor Nation still has quite a few months before the season airs, so only time will tell to see if Colton proves himself to be a worthy bachelor.

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