By: Rhaea Lehman, 23News reporter

A podcast from a student organization is gaining traction among MU students. TRiO, an organization dedicated to providing students with financial, academic, leadership, and social opportunities, is looking to make themselves known on the Mizzou campus and is using “TRiO Talks”, their new podcast series, to accomplish this.

TRiO students must first meet eligibility requirements before receiving an email inviting them to apply. Eligibility is based on financial status, academic need, citizenship status, disability status, and first-generation college status, according to

The opportunities that TRiO provides its students come in many different forms: some help academically, other financially, and others provide opportunities to grow as a person and network with the community. Jobs, scholarships, classes, and networking events are a few examples of the numerous opportunities TRiO provides.

Ciara McCaskill, director of the TRiO Talks podcast, first became involved with TRiO during middle school, and had the opportunity through TRiO to tour colleges and learn about higher education before she had to decide where to go. Now, McCaskill is working with TRiO to promote these services through the podcast.

The TRiO Talks podcast is “ a good way to start broadcasting more of TRiO” McCaskill said.

TRiO Talks focuses each episode around a current TRiO student and their accomplishments and opportunities through the organization. Torrey Davie was the first student chosen to take part. His academic journey and benefits from multiple TRiO opportunities are what led him to become involved with the podcast.

Davie felt that through the podcast, he could encourage those within the organization to continue being involved, while also using his name to generate more public interest about the organization’s opportunities.

During his first semester on campus, Davie was involved in the LEAD FIG – Leadership Exploration and Academic Discovery Freshman Interest Group – designed specifically for TRiO students. The class encourages personal discovery, greater communication, and creates lasting friendships.

“I felt that if I learned something, I should let them [classmates or future students] know they’re not doing it for nothing,” said Davie.

TRiO is currently in the process of designing a newsletter, but is still very early in the planning process. TRiO Talks is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and other streaming services.

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