Danielle Katz, 23News Staff Writer

UM System president Tim Wolfe announced his resignation at Monday’s UM Board of Curators’ meeting. Wolfe resigned in response to various protests and widespread criticism from students, faculty and staff.

“Use my resignation to heal,” Wolfe said. “Let’s focus in changing what we can change today and in the future, not what we can’t change in the past.”

Graduate student Jonathan Butler has ended his hunger strike. On Nov. 2, Butler sent a letter to the Board of Curators and published it on social media, vowing to not consume any nutrients besides water until Wolfe resigned or his organs failed.

Graduate student workers planned a walkout and teach-in on Carnahan Quad for Monday and Tuesday. Some black members of the MU football team announced a boycott of all team activities on Saturday, Nov. 7, and Coach Gary Pinkel supported his players’ decision. Members of Concerned Student 1950 have camped out on Carnahan Quad since Monday, Nov. 2.

These actions protested Tim Wolfe’s inaction in response to racist and discriminatory events on campus. Most recently, two members of the Legion of Black Collegians homecoming court were called racial slurs by students outside of the MU Student Recreation Complex on Nov. 6.

Students from the Concerned Student 1950 organization traveled to Kansas City to meet with UM System president Tim Wolfe about racism on the MU campus on Friday, Nov. 6. When a member of the group asked about systematic oppression, Wolfe said he would give an answer, but that it would most likely be wrong.

“Systematic oppression is because you don’t believe that you have the equal opportunity for success,” Wolfe said.

Concerned Student 1950 and supporters celebrated Wolfe’s resignation on Monday with linked arms, chants and dancing. Members of the group expressed relief and excitement, but also said MU still has work to do. Concerned Student 1950 has additional demands that go beyond Wolfe’s resignation, including increases in numbers of black students and faculty and adding comprehensive diversity training curriculum.

“You can’t stop the revolution,” students chanted. “Join us in the revolution.”


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