By Cassidy Cunnyngham, E23 Reporter

I am not happy with Kanye West right now. Kanye West delayed the release of “Life of Pablo” by seven hours on Feb. 11 and on top of that, he only released his album on Tidal, a music system similar to Pandora and Spotify but you have to have a membership to stream any music.

My overall experience from the album is that it’s just some last-minute hazy songs that he liked enough to throw together into an album. Nothing was special, and nothing stood out to me.

The album starts out with “Ultralight Beam,” which reminds me of a 4-year-old holding a conversation. Could it be baby North West making a featured appearance in and inspiration for the song? For me, I’m kind of surprised that Kanye is singing such a provocative song about God and praying for Paris. I like the chorus of voices that he has come in and out of the song. It makes the song feel light and airy although we have so many convictions on social issues.

“Father Stretch My Hands” is almost like static in my ears, and then it turns into some techno hyped-up piano sound. I immediately pressed skip, but the language I heard him use in this song is repulsive and crud.

“Famous” has an excerpt from Rihanna, and she kills it! Then Kanye claims in this song that he made Taylor Swift, a respectable artist with such a golden heart, famous. Except, that’s not how it happened, and then Kanye makes everything worse by making a highly inappropriate comment. I feel genuinely sorry for Kim Kardashian because she’s married to him. If I had any power in the music industry, I would block this song from ever getting to ruin our lives.

“Feedback” took a light and clean tune from the previous terribleness. Somehow, Kanye injected the sound of when a speaker system screeches in your ears, so I’m not sure why. If he had included fewer annoying sound effects and focused more on whatever talent he has, he might have made an effort to make a better album. I must have missed it, but not once did he actually talk about getting feedback. Maybe I’m just naïve, but I feel like I need to go to church after this song.

Carrying on to “Low Lights,” initially I liked the tune of the instrumentals and the lady’s voice singing, but any fondness went away when I looked up the lyrics. This brings out my female-empowering voice and the fact that we can be strong, independent ladies without a male, but according to Kanye, we are not. On a happier note, Kanye did not sing in this song, which should make me happy, but his lyrics saying that females cry so many times in this song do not make me happy.

If I had been living under a rock, I would not have been able to connect that Kanye is making a joke about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna in the song “Highlights,” so I wonder how Kim feels about this. Other than the lyrics, I enjoy the beat and the way it makes me want to carry on a dance party. I think this is the best song musically on “The Life of Pablo.”

Overall, I’m not feeling this album, nor would I suggest anyone to listen to it, buy it or make an effort to support it in any way. As a supporter of multiple tastes of music, I do not feel as if this is a kind album nor does it expand my taste for more. I am leaving displeased and disgusted with his lack of taste and respect for other artists.