Vampire Diaries Brings a New Meaning to “Ripper”


Oct. 2 –

Cover your neck and throw on a pair of full-length gloves, Stefan Salvatore is taking over the 20’s

Season Three of The Vampire Diaries is running strong. This week marks the season’s third episode, and the storylines are only getting more complex.

This episode, “The Roaring Twenties,” follows Stefan and Klaus as they relive the Prohibition Era in 1920’s Chicago. Originally there to research why the process of creating a vampire-werewolf hybrid has yet to work, and being in Chicago causes the memories of Stefan’s “Ripper days” to resurface.

Flashing back several decades, Stefan recalls his time with blonde vampire Rebecca (guest star Claire Holt, Pretty Little Liars). Caught up in bloodlust and desire, the club is little more than a playground for the couple. Despite the constant threat of the club being shut down by the police, the vampires in attendance exhibit little restraint as the festivities escalate.

As Stefan entertains Rebecca, Klaus is busy making his presence known in the club. Even then, Klaus was reckless, openly flaunting his control over humans and vampires alike. Stefan engages in such behavior alongside Klaus, his “Ripper” nature coming to light.

Coming back to the present time, Klaus and Stefan meet up with Gloria, a witch they knew from the days of prohibition. Inquiring why the ritual to create a hybrid did not go as planned, she points them in the direction of another witch. If Gloria is to be of any service, she needs to be put in contact with the witch who created the spell necessary for the ritual. With a ritual several centuries old, they’re going to need all the help they can get finding the original caster.

Back in Mystic Falls, Elena is still pining after Stefan. Refusing to give up hope, she will do whatever she can to get him home safely. A new twist unfolds when Damon is informed of Stefan’s whereabouts through an unlikely source. Despite Damon’s warnings, Elena is eager to continue her search for Stefan.

Meanwhile, Caroline is still being held captive. At the end of the last episode it was revealed that Caroline’s father was the one responsible for her imprisonment, and her boyfriend’s mother the one who kidnapped her. Now being tortured at the hands of her father, Caroline is close to death. If no one knows where you are, how can you be saved?

Be sure to look out for next week’s episode. Witch Bonnie is returning to Mystic Falls, bringing a fresh storyline to the season.

– Tess Catlett
The Prowl
Staff Writer

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