By Davis McCondichie, E23 Reporter

Mizzou Idol attendees on Saturday were treated to a striking abundance of talented singers. Jesse Auditorium became the venue for MU students to show off their range of music talents.

Mizzou Idol involves 12 contestants, four of which compete in the first round as wild cards. This first round speeds by, focusing on quick a capella editions of vocally-challenging songs. After these few contestants perform- the wild card contestants are determined ahead of time- fans and judges vote on one to move into the second round. To be frank, the first round really lacked luster. This most likely has to do with the fact these contestants are on the fringe of talent, and some were clearly nervous to perform on stage in front of so many people. Still, this wild card round serves as a solid appetizer for the terrific main course that is the second round.

The wild card winner and the eight other previously unseen contestants take the stage for the second round. Contestants sing with an instrumental track accompanying them, or, if the artist is very talented, the singer can elect to perform with an instrument. The second round becomes quite the experience as the audience is treated to different kinds of performances including mellow keyboard melodies, acoustic originals and goose-bump giving renditions of “Somebody to Love” by Queen.

One of the best performances of the night was “Somebody to Love” by Holt Skinner, and he won the fan favorite award for his cover of this hit. With this performance and the other acts, the second round seemed like the only time the audience was truly engaged. As the second round concluded and the final four were announced, a mass exodus of fans left the auditorium.

So to those of you who left, you missed excellent performances by the final four contestants. All four of the finalist played instruments for their final songs, and two performed original songs at some point in the night. It was a terrific display of the talent our campus holds.

In the end only one of them could win the title of Mizzou Idol, and that was sophomore Breanna Lehane. Lehane performed an original song in the second round and stuck to a better-known song in the final round. Despite judges saying she was holding back in the final round, Lehane captured the victory and made her friends and family proud of her.

Mizzou Idol 2016 surpassed audience expectations and led to an entertaining Saturday night for all those who went. So when the fall semester rolls around, be on the look out for audition times for Mizzou Idol 2017. This is one event any student at the University of Missouri would be lucky to be a part of.

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