Seth Pollock, 23 Sports


*NOTE: This power ranking isn’t necessarily just about ranking the best teams in the SEC 1-14. It’s about that, who has and who hasn’t been impressive, and who’s putting it together.


  1. Alabama 9-0, (6-0)

For the first time since the national title game, Alabama looked vulnerable. LSU actually out gained the Tide, 306-299. The positive, besides the win of course, is that a closer than expected game can keep the Tide motivated headed in to their matchup against Mississippi State.


  1. Georgia 9-0, (6-0)

Georgia-South Carolina was kind of the Alabama-LSU of the East last week. And while the two games shared a 24-10 score, Georgia’s win over the Gamecocks was much more thorough. Now, the Bulldogs get their biggest test of the regular season against…


  1. Auburn 7-2, (5-1)

Auburn. The Tigers also took care of business last weekend, beating Texas A&M 42-27 in College Station. That LSU loss still looms large, but beating the number one team in the nation would certainly change Auburn fan’s attitudes going in to the Iron Bowl.


  1. Mississippi State 7-2, (3-2)

Last week, Mississippi State looked too much like Tennessee while playing Umass. This week, they have the chance to do something truly spectacular: beat Alabama. Dan Mullen is 0-8 in his head coaching career against the Crimson Tide. A win like this would not only be a season defining victory for MSU, but a program defining victory.


  1. LSU 6-3, (3-2)

I give LSU tons of credit for playing Alabama that close. I’ve previously made it clear I didn’t          think LSU had a battle in them for the tide. That loss might have been more impressive than     any Tiger win this year outside of the Auburn game. And with remaining games of Arkansas, at             Tennessee and Texas A&M, a ten win season is still on the table.


  1. South Carolina 6-3, (4-3)

South Carolina lost to Georgia 24-10 in a game that wasn’t as close as the score. So, basically exactly what we’d expect from this team that’s the second best team in the division by virtue of the division not being very good.


  1. Ole Miss 4-5, (2-4)

Besides LSU, the most impressive team last week was Ole Miss. After the Arkansas debacle, I think most people would’ve understood if this team came out looking like they didn’t want to play. They don’t have a bowl game to play for, and they just came off blowing a 24 point lead in a game they dominated the stats of. But even down ten in the second half this team stayed in it and ended up winning on a Jordan Ta’amu touchdown pass with just five seconds remaining. After last week, that had to feel good.


  1. Texas A&M 5-4, (3-3)

That’s now two straight weeks of disappointing home showings for the Aggies after a 5-2 start. It seems more and more likely Texas A&M will be searching for a new head coach three weeks from now.


  1. Kentucky 6-3, (1-4)

For the first time since the Florida game, the cardiac cats are unable to win a close one. It truly is remarkable how many Kentucky games go right down to the final play. The Ole Miss game marks five out of six, and Vanderbilt might be another one.


  1. Missouri 4-5, (1-4)

Now this is a impressive turnaround. The last three weeks have obviously been fun for Tigers     fans in a way the previous six had not been, but this turnaround started before that. On      September 23rd, Missouri played Auburn. Mizzou fell behind 28-0 with 7:45 left in the second             quarter. At that point, this team looked like the runaway favorite for worst in the Power Five.          Since taking a 10-0 lead on South Carolina, they had been outscored 94-6 by the Gamecocks,           Purdue, and Auburn. The Tigers would end up losing to Auburn 51-14, and post game Barry                 Odom gave his plea for patience. I saw positives in his passion, but I noted at the time      some   of it didn’t quite make historical sense and I didn’t like how Odom  seemed to throw          former coach Gary Pinkel under the bus by insisting he inherited a “turnaround.”


But I can’t argue with the results. The next week, Mizzou gave Kentucky a game in Lexington      and probably outplayed the Wildcats with a finish that was screwed up by the refs. The next   week, they looked pretty good again, scoring more points in their 53-28 loss at Georgia than             any other team has so far this season on the Dawgs. Back to back to back blowouts over           Idaho, Connecticut, and Florida later, and it could be said this team has played like a top 40     or so level squad for six straight weeks. That’s remarkable in-season improvement.


11.Florida 3-5, (3-4)

It feels kind of weird putting a team that’s 3-4 in conference ahead of a team that’s 1-4 in   conference, but after last week it would have felt weirder to put Florida ahead of Missouri.


  1. Vanderbilt 4-5, (0-5)

After five straight losses, Vanderbilt was able to get back in the win column against their final        non-conference opponent, Western Kentucky. Now they have arguably their three most winnable conference match ups as Kentucky, Missouri, and at Tennessee round out their             regular season schedule. This team still has a shot at a fairly successful season.


  1. Arkansas 4-5, (1-4)

Arkansas’ 39-38 win over 1-7 Coastal Carolina might take the cake for worst win of the season   in the SEC. Coastal Carolina lost to Arkansas State 51-17. They lost to Western Illinois 52-10.   That’s Western Illinois, who’s in the FCS. Arkansas has to win two out of three of their games             at LSU, against Mississippi State and against Missouri to get to a bowl. That win didn’t exactly      inspire confidence that the Razorbacks have much of a chance.


  1. Tennessee 4-5, (0-5)

Tennessee played Southern Mississippi in their final non-conference game of the year. The          only big story from the Vols’ 24-10 win was the burning of Will McBride’s red shirt for three plays. It’s just not a great time in Knoxville.