Welcome to the World, Little Princess!

By: Brooke Prinster, E23 Staffer

Why is the Princess of Cambridge receiving so much more publicity than the birth of Prince George back in 2013? How did Kate Middleton manage to look unbelievably flawless after stepping out of the Lindo Wing? Do we call the newborn Princess Charlotte or Princess Alice? These questions lead to on-going gossip between anyone following the latest Royal Baby news. (Which let’s be honest, who doesn’t follow Princess Cambridge?)

It’s no debate that the Princess’ birth has already appeared on more media than her older brother Prince George has the last 2 year combined. It’s as if the whole nation had been waiting 25 years for a royal baby girl to step into the spotlight-which is exactly it! The last princess born into the British monarchy was Princess Eugenie in 1990. This precious child had been just what the world was waiting for.

As for the Duchess herself, how was she was able to radiate so much beauty after stepping right out of labor? One rumor that found it’s way to the media was that Kate Middleton faked the birth! Now, more realistically, it’s also been talk that the momma-to-be had her stylists on call for the big moment. What else would you expect from royalty?  Make-up and curling iron aside, the delivery went smoothly for the Duchess-another reason for her glow!


Princess Charlotte? Princess Alice? Several names have been tossed in the air, but what’s the verdict for the little lady’s name? On Monday, her official name was declared Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge. What a royal name for the royal baby!

Welcome to the world precious Princess Charlotte! The world is now at wrapped around your finger as we’ve walked with your mama each step of the way. We can’t wait to watch your grow into a beautiful, royal butterfly!