Wellness Resource Center Kicks Off Alcohol Awareness Month

October 2, 2012


The National Institutes of Health reports that over 3.3 million college age students drive under the influence of alcohol each year, while many others become unintentionally injured or suffer death. These are just some of the consequences that the Wellness Resource Center tries to prevent through events like the resource fair to kick off Alcohol Responsibility Month last week.
Kim Dude, director of the Wellness Resource Center, said, “It helps students realize all the resources that are available, and also helps them understand the role alcohol plays in all different aspects of their life.”
Campus organizations joined together in Memorial Union to promote wellness in a variety of topics not only regarding alcohol, but also nutrition, tobacco, mental health, stress, and overall healthy living.
The annual event is coordinated by the Wellness Resource Center, which deploys over 200 student programs each year across the campus. The staff is dedicated to creating a healthy and safe learning environment, as well as promoting good decision making outside of the classroom.
Students were given the tools to make changes in their lives, and of course, enjoyed free pizza.