By Sara Nelson, E23 Reporter

If you are from Columbia, Missouri, you live for pizza. Luckily for all of us pizza enthusiasts, there is a new sheriff in town.

West Main Pizza2 is a divine little shop on Broadway in downtown Columbia. The family-owned pizzeria started in Jefferson City and has made its way here. The 2 at the top of the logo symbolizes the downtown Columbia location being the second store to open.

When you walk in, you go down to the end of the store and order your pizza Pickleman’s style. The menu is a little strange and difficult to read. The ingredients are just kind of thrown around and they are in blobs. There’s not really any structure to the menu. Although the menu is hard to read, the process is quick and easy if you know what you like on your pizza.

First things first, I chose my sauce. I went with the traditional tomato sauce because I am not one to stray from the norm. The second step is to pick the meat you want on your pizza. I am a big fan of Hawaiian pizza so naturally I chose Canadian bacon. Next I put some pineapple and mozzarella cheese on top to complete the pizza.

The best part about West Main Pizza2? The pizzas are the perfect size for you to have our own and they are all the same price. A measly nine dollars, for your own pizza! How cool is that? And for you pizza lovers who have that ghastly gluten intolerance, don’t you worry. They have the option to get your pizza or breadsticks gluten-free. How thoughtful.

Okay, so the pizza is put together and then it goes into a cute little conveyor belt oven to cook. The wait seems like an eternity, but at least while you wait you can look around and admire just how darn cute the place is. The monochromatic scheme doesn’t make you feel sad and lonely at all. It is a very soothing sight with the yellow chairs and stools giving the place a pop to it.

The wait was finally over, and the smell of my Hawaiian pizza was just too darn good. The lady behind the counter handed me my pizza on some parchment paper on top of one of those fast food-type trays. The anticipation was killing me. I sat down on the yellow stool by the window to people-watch as I tried this pizza. It was hot, but who cares? I love pizza, so I went for it.

The first bite was absolutely heavenly. The sauce, the meat, the pineapple and the cheese were meshed together so perfectly. The thin, crunchy crust made my taste buds dance.

I started eating this pizza like it was the first thing I had eaten in years. It was way too good to let it sit there on the tray and get cold. In the blink of an eye, I was full to the brim of quite possibly the most delicious pizza I had ever eaten.

West Main Pizza2 is a place I highly recommend to anyone and everyone who loves a good pizza that is small enough you don’t have to share with anyone else.