What Do You Get When You Mix a Forbidden Love, a Witch and a Salvatore? Let’s find out.

Oct. 9 –

Relationships suck. Just ask the Salvatore brothers.

“Disturbing Behavior” doesn’t even begin to cover this week’s episode of Vampire Diaries.

From dead girlfriends, to seriously dysfunctional father-daughter relationships, to one messed up love-triangle, Thursday’s episode does not disappoint.

The search continues for reawakened vampire Rebecca’s missing necklace. A necklace that’s been missing for almost a century shouldn’t be too hard to find, right? Right! Turns out that Stefan gave the necklace to his former love, Elena Gilbert.

Filling the role of emotionally abusive boyfriend, Stefan saved Elena (and his brother, Damon) from Klaus at the end of the second season, consequently being forced into Klaus’ servitude. After making it known that he no longer wants Elena in his life, Stefan has left her behind and embraced his dark side. At least, we think. You never know with the quiet ones.

Longtime witchy friend Gloria scrys for the necklace, not only revealing it to be a powerful talisman, but discovers Stefan’s secret. Elena, Katherine’s doppelganger, didn’t die in Klaus’s transformative ritual, and so until she is dead his mission to create a hybrid will continue to be unsuccessful.

So what should she do with this information? Keep it to herself and spare Stefan from Klaus? Reveal Stefan and gain Klaus’ favor? The possibilities are endless!

Meanwhile, the sexual tension between Damon, the other Salvatore and Elena is almost unbearable. Geez, Damon why don’t you just kiss her already? Elena, you need to get a grip on yourself and admit to the obvious. Caroline ditches the subtleties and asks Elena why she won’t own up to her feelings. I wonder what Elena has to say about this.

After spending the summer away, Bonnie is back! Returning to Tyler as though nothing has changed, Bonnie has no idea that she’s got a little ghostly competition. Dead ex-girlfriend Anna has been stuck between life and death, calling out to Tyler, and finally got through in this episode. They immediately reconnect, making an interesting twist to the story.

Speaking of twists, who knew that you could still care about your father after he’s tortured you to near death? Apparently, Caroline can! After she is rescued, her mother has Damon compel Bill to leave town. Simple enough, when you’re dealing with a normal human being. For someone so opposed to the supernatural, there is something incredibly weird about Bill.

Think that was all the drama? Wrong! Don’t miss next week’s episode because it’s about to get real.

– Tess Catlett
The Prowl
Staff Writer

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